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Cluster Pulse Achievements – Impact Crated
  Quantitative Achievements
1. Motivated the formation of 63 export consortium's in 10 countries
2. .Generated savings of US$ 24 Million on joint purchase
(through bulk negotiations & import sourcing)
3. .Generated export orders of US$ 453 million through business delegation visits.
4. Trained17400 + companies on exports & sluster development approach, through 450+ seminars
5. Recovered US$ 7.5 Million of bad debts through association action plan.
  Qualitative Achievements
6. Successfully Introduced green initiatives in industrial clusters
7. Motivated technology up gradation spending
8. Motivated spending on market promotion.
9. Promoted cluster brand promotion.
10. Sensitized & activated associations on their role in cluster development process
11. Initiated wastage reduction in production processes.
12. Successfully introduced ICT as a key enabler of SME competitiveness.
International Projects
of our Mentor
" We are proud of our 'achievement' but we are more proud of our association with
Cluster development program".... Team Cluster Pulse
Cluster Pulse
Cluster Pulse