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Cluster Pulse Consortium Formation
10 – 12 progressive thinking SME owners are identified in a cluster, through one to one interactions, to form a " Consortium ", which is registered as a society.Generally there
is a tendency of competition amongst cluster companies.It is so because the size of the cake is small & too many to eat.We show them a large size of the cake with a very scientific & believable fact & figures on international market size.Once they are convinced of the huge market, they also understand that individually they will not be able to target these markets & may not be able to supply also in large quantities.
Based on these facts, they agree to work together on joint marketing under a common brand & order sharing concept, the model of which differs from cluster to cluster & even from consortium to consortium within the same cluster. Cluster Pulse, provides a trained CDA (Cluster Development Agent) to this consortium to work for backward & forward linkage.A separate office is set up for this consortium.Goals are set with date deadlines.
Cluster Pulse
   Consortiums formed under the Cluster development program
1. Knitcity Consortium India Tirupur
2. Tirupur Export Source Consortium Tirupur
3. First cluster Apparels Tirupur
4. Texmass Innovative Consortium Karur
5. Terry Towels India Consortium Solapur
6. Euro Terry Towels Consortium Solapur
7. White Terry Towels Consortium Solapur
8. SOL-MART Terry Towels Consortium Solapur
9. Days Woven Consortium Ichalkaranji
10. International Consortium Ichalkaranji
11. Orissa Handloom Weavers Marketing Consortium Nuapatna
12. Chanderi Silk Club Chanderi ( M.P.)
13. Surgical dressing manufacturers consortium Rajapalayam
14. Irinave Handloom Weavers Consortium Kannur
15. Chirackal Handloom Weavers Consortium Kannur
16 Cannanore South Handloom Weavers Consortium Kannur
17. Payyannur South Handloom Weavers Consortium Kannur
18. Salem Sarees Consortium Salem
19. Salem Texcity Dyers’ Consortium Salem
20. Kumaravalipalayam Weavers Consortium Salem
21. Salem Fabric Sourcing Consortium Salem
22. Women Exporters’ Consortium Salem
23. KADLS Cotton Knitwear Export Consortium Kanpur
24. Aranz Clothing Company Ludhiana
25. Sanganer Textiles Prints Consortium Jaipur
26. Jeanclan consortium Bellary
Other Consortiums
26. Bangalore Machine Tool Manufacturers Network
27. Indian Machine Tool Consortium ( IMTC ) Bangalore
28. Seven Star Fan Consortium Hyderabad
29. Rice Millers Consortium Gondia
30. Litchi Growers Consortium Dehradun
31. Several Others.........  
International Projects
of our Mentor
" We are proud of our 'achievement' but we are more proud of our association with
Cluster development program".... Team Cluster Pulse
Cluster Pulse
Cluster Pulse