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Cluster Pulse Our Role in Clusters
Global Network, an international trade consulting & training firm based in Ahmedabad, India was introduced to the Cluster Development Program ( CDP ) by UNIDO in year 2001. Global Network, motivated the formation of Cluster Pulse, an ISO certified economic development agency, dedicated to cluster development initiatives in India & abroad.
Cluster Pulse

Cluster Pulse has worked in 102 clusters in countries like India, USA, Canada, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Brazil, Brunei, China, Oman, Croatia and Afghanistan. We have worked with UNIDO, GTZ, USAID, The Commonwealth Secretariat, DFID, IFC, World Bank, SIDBI, ILO, Microsoft & NOKIA. Internationally we have worked for Govt. of Manitoba-Canada, Govt. of Oman, Govt. of Croatia, Govt. of Brunei, Govt. of Ras-Al-Khaimah in their economic development programs.We are the project implementation agency of Govt. of India, through its various ministries like Ministry of Textiles , Ministry of MSME, Ministry of Communications and several provincial Govt. Our experience spans multiple sectors covering over 80 product categories e.g. agriculture, textiles, engineering, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, ICT and services sectors.
After having worked in 102 clusters in India & in 23 other counries, we are convinced that one way to motivate SME business community worldover to upgrade their technology & production processes is by “convincingly proving the big size of the cake” i.e. the market. This can be achieved by market access through exports. Once they see the huge overseas opportunity, they will willingly invest in their production processes in order to match demand requirements.

The seven engines of our cluster innovation are in fields of :
International market access for clusters
Use of ICT to create competitiveness
BDS strengthening
Diagnostic study matrix
SME Export consortia model
Association capacity building
Technology upgradation
Since this is not the core activity of Global Network, it has promoted a NOT FOR PROFIT, Non Govt. Organization ( NGO ), by the name of Cluster Pulse
The 3 pillars of our intervention in a cluster are :
Motivation to form export consortia amongst SME's
BDS strengthening & provisioning in the cluster
Association capacity building in the cluster
The 3 phases of our intervention in a cluster are :
Phase I : Cluster Mapping and Business Plan Development
Phase II Project Implementation
Phase III: Learning and Close-out
We work with all stakeholders in a cluster for INCLUSIVE growth
Local Government
SME‘s / networks
R&D and Technical training institutions
Business development service providers
Industry / trade associations
Social development agencies
Cluster Pulse provides you with a better perspective of your territory economic reality through:
A better understanding of the micro industry needs and a means of direct dialog with the cluster firms motivating them on innovation in process & product.
A new way to create awareness of existing support programs to firms and associations in the micro industry by innovative interventions.
Designing tailor made support for the industry, involving private sector in their financing and management
Coordination within different Government departments & NGOs to support the industry
Rigorous analytical and strategy formulation expertise combined with practical, hands-on implementation experience – Intimate knowledge of India's MSMEs and their business challenges, combined with international best practices on MSME development and cluster growth strategies. –Specific knowledge of the targeted sub-sectors, including international market demand and competitor data for these industries
Rigorous analytical and strategy formulation expertise combined with practical, hands-on implementation experience – Intimate knowledge of India's MSMEs and their business challenges, combined with international best practices on MSME development and cluster growth strategies. –Specific knowledge of the targeted sub-sectors, including international market demand and competitor data for these industries
Cluster Pulse has developed an innovative methodology for conducting diagnostic study in a cluster which is internally referred to as the ‘Diagnostic Matrix'. The Diagnostic Matrix leverages primary research with cluster participants and our database of global best practices to provide a view on issues and solution themes.
We were appointed by Textiles committee, Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India from 2003-2005 to work in 20 textile clusters in India to prepare them for export market competitiveness in the non-quota era.
Cluster Pulse follows a 7 step process in Clusters.

Complete Diagnostic study of the cluster is conducted by Cluster Pulse. SWOT analysis of the cluster - Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threat is conducted, with the assistance of product specialists. This involves study of entire cluster in areas of raw material procurement, raw material quality, alternate raw material, energy source, alternate energy sources, pollution treatment, size of firms, economies of scale, shop floor plan, production process, wastages, manpower, finances, management skills, family businesses, testing facilities, quality issues, marketing network in India & exports, foreign competition …………..

A business Plan is drafted with the consent of all cluster players.

The role of Cluster Pulse is to first create forward linkage of the clusters to the domestic & international markets. The methodology of Cluster Pulse is to conduct a 2 day sensitization program in the cluster named as “The Art & Science of Marketing & Exports “. Day 1 is a presentation on marketing & exports of their product & day 2 is one to one interactions with the participants. On day 2 a group of 10 – 12 progressive thinking SME owners will be identified, through one to one interactions, to form a “ Consortium “ , which will be registered as a society or a Pvt. Ltd. Company. Cluster Pulse gives a trained CDA (Cluster Development Agent) to this consortium to work in the consortium. A separate office will set up for this consortium in the cluster. Goals will be set with date “deadlines”.

Within 2 – 3 months a second program is conducted by Cluster Pulse, named “The Art & Science of Internet as a tool of marketing & exports “. Past working of the consortium & the cluster is reviewed. Goal achievement is reviewed. New Goals are set with date “deadlines”.

The consortium business delegation is taken to a similar GLOBALLY BENCHMARKED product cluster to understand the production systems, environmental issues, labour issues, costing, pricing, financial systems, overall management & marketing systems of that benchmarked cluster

A cluster or consortium business delegation is taken to a “scientifically” identified country to do marketing & exports of their products.A Buyer Seller Meet (BSM) is arranged in that city or country & one to one meetings with importers are arranged. Networking is done with Trade promotion agencies in that city or country.Confirmed business is generated.The large size of the cake is proven!

On return, the business delegates invest in their production systems to upgrade in order to meet the demand requirements which they would have seen from their own eyes – “Seeing is believing"
The consortium / Trade association is strengthened for continuity & self sustainability, with an income model like sub-contract exchange or many other models, available with Cluster Pulse. The consortium chalks out its own plans & activities. It works independently. By this time, trust is built into the consortium members. This consortium extends its working to backward linkage. They start buying raw material jointly, share excess capacity …………..
Other businesspersons in the cluster get motivated by the success of one consortium & many more consortiums are formed. Cluster Pulse withdraws from the cluster………Handholding support continues. The cluster develops into a vibrant one!
The journey begins …………..
A From year 2001 onwards we have worked in 82 clusters, as under:
1. Rice Gondia
2. Rice Rudrapur , Madurai ,
3. Coir Kochi
4. Mango Talala
5. Litchi fruits Dehradun
6. Dal Jalgaon
7. Poha Ahmedabad (Rice Flakes)
8. Kokum Sindhudurg
9. Machine Tools Bangalore
10. Diesel Engines Rajkot
11. Scientific Instruments Ambala
12. Auto Parts Jamshedpur
13. Auto Parts Hosur
14. Brass Parts Jamnagar
15. Foundries Hyderabad
16. Foundries Ahmedabad
17. Foundries Rajkot
18. Foundries Belgaum
19. Steel Nagpur
20. Fabrication Rourkela
21. Pharmaceuticals Ahmedabad
22. Medical devices Ahmedabad
23. Pharma , Ayurvedic / Alopathic INDORE
24. Stainless Steel Utencil Ahmedabad
25. Sports Goods Jallandhar
26. Ceramics Morbi
27. Fan Hyderabad
28. Handtools Jallandhar
29. Handtools Nagaur
30. Match Box Kovilpatti
31. Paints Anand
32. Locks Aligarh
33. Toys New Delhi
TEXTILE Clusters : Textile Committee , Ministry Of Textiles , Govt. Of India.
34. Terry Towel Solapur
35. Cotton Fabrics Salem
36. Textile Fabrics Erode
37. Knitwear Tirupur
38. Home Furnishing Kannur
39. Cotton Yarn Madurai
40. Home Furnishing Karur
41. Textile & Clothing Ahmedabad
42. Hosiery Kolkata
43. Defense Textiles & Hosiery Kanpur
44. Polyseter Fabrics Surat
45. Grey Fabrics Ichalkaranji
46. Ikkat Fabrics Bhubaneshwar
47. Chanderi Silk Chanderi
48. Knitwear Ludhiana
49. Home Furnishing Panipat
50. Jeans Bellary
51. Sanganer print Jaipur
52. Raw Cotton Ahmedabad
53. Khadi Baswa , Srinagar
54. Dried Fruits & Nuts Kabul , Afghanistan
55. Fruits - Pomegranates Kandahar , Afghanistan
56. Fruits – Grapes & apples Kandahar , Afghanistan
57. Carpets Kabul , Afghanistan
58. Handicrafts Nooristan , Afghanistan
59. Cutlery Wazirabad , Pakistan
60. Fan Gujaranwala ,Pakistan
61. Cutlery Lahore , Pakistan
62. Aviation Manitoba , Canada
63. Green Peas Canada
64. Children books London , UK
65. Apricots Malatya , Turkey
66. Tie Croatia Textiles & fashion garments
67. Handicrafts South Africa Croatia South Africa
68. Furniture Sweden Sweden
69. Textiles & fashion garments Italy
70. Home furnishings Turkey
71. Home furnishings Egypt
72. Dates Oman
73. Food processing Oman
74. Metal sector Tanzania
75. Food processing Uganda
76. Packaging sector Kenya
77. Tea Sri Lanka
78. Garments Bangladesh
79. Chocolates Indonesia
80. Textiles Malaysia
81. Food processing Brunei
82. Tourism Brunei
We have led 98 business delegations from India to different countries in all 5 continents - Latin America , Canada , China , Australia , Europe , Africa , Middle East & SAARC . Business worth US$ 343 million has been generated during the delegation visit on the spot & later on so much more business has been generated , which is not recorded with us.
We have conducted 450+ seminars all over India & in 23 other countries , on international trade topics like: consortium formation seminars, Country focused seminars, Product focused seminars, internet for exports seminars, revenue model for association presentations. About 17400 + companies have been sensitized towards exports & Cluster Development Program in these programs.

We have conducted 39 seminars in foreign countries on “ Doing Business With India”. .

We have hosted 39 business delegations from overseas countries to Clusters in India for business match making.

Cluster Pulsebelieves that the SME sector in India will survive & grow , only through working together in “ Consortiums “ with the science of Cluster Development Program , through the twin “vehicles” of international market access & technology up gradation.

Team Global Network & Cluster Pulse, an NGO thanks UNIDO ( CDP ) USAID, GTZ,OTF Group,DAI,CADG, Foreign Govt. Textile Committee – Ministry Of Textiles , SBI ( Project Up tech ), SISI, NISIET, EDII , State Governments, Trade Associations, Consortiums & SME’s for utilizing our services in the cluster development program.

Cluster Pulse
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" We are proud of our 'achievement' but we are more proud of our association with
Cluster development program".... Team Cluster Pulse
Cluster Pulse

Cluster Pulse