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Afghanistan is one of the leading makers of handmade carpets in the world. We have been weaving carpets for generations, carpets that are infused with our history and culture.

The delegation of Afghan carpet producers attending Domotex 2006 are among the more innovative, experienced and dependable producers of carpets in the country. Many of us have been in the carpet business for generations.

We are now in the process of fully re-integrating into the global carpet market, after decades of war and economic isolation. Our main focus is to directly supply carpet buyers from the world’s major markets.

To do so effectively, we have grouped into consortia of producers. By forming consortia, we offer international buyers a wide selection of carpets, and are able to effectively meet large quantity orders. We also pool our individual years of experience, to guarantee buyers a reliable supply of top quality carpets.

We are collectively committed to supplying only the highest quality hand-made carpets, made from all natural fibers. We produce carpets of a variety of designs, from traditional Afghan carpets to newer Chobis, Kazakhs and Gabbehs. All carpets can be custom made: any color, any design, any size.

We look forward to working in partnership with you now and into the future.

The Afghan carpet delegation to Domotex is provided technical support from the OTF Group and Cluster Pulse. Additional support is provided by the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).