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Introduction Seminar in India :

1 August 2006 - New Delhi

4 August 2006 - Ahmedabad


Afghan Dry Fruit & Nuts Cluster

Afghanistan is one of the leading producers of Dry Fruit & Nuts in the world. We have been in this business for generations, infused with our history and culture.

We are a consortia of Dry Fruit & Nuts producers in Afghanistan. The consortia of Afghan Dry Fruit & Nuts producers are among the more innovative, experienced and dependable producers in the country.

We are now in the process of fully re-integrating into the global Dry Fruit & Nuts market, after decades of war and economic isolation. Our main focus is to directly supply Dry Fruit & Nuts buyers from the world’s major markets through B2B & B2C models.

To do so effectively, we have grouped into consortia of producers. By forming consortia, we offer international buyers a wide selection of Dry Fruit & Nuts, and are able to effectively meet large quantity orders. We also pool our individual years of experience, to guarantee buyers a reliable supply of top quality Dry Fruit & Nuts.

We are collectively committed to supplying only the highest quality of Dry Fruit & Nuts. We look forward to working in partnership with you now and into the future.

We are a consortia of Dry Fruit & Nuts producers in Afghanistan:

1. KFNC Profile>> Kabul Fruit & Nuts Consortia (KFNC)

Members: 6

Number of workers: 4100

Production capacity: 200 Tons per month

Between us, we have over 300 years of experience in Dry Fruit & Nuts production. While some of us entered the business some 10 years ago, others have inherited the tradition from their forefathers.

We all share in common a strong market orientation, a commitment to their customers, and a careful eye for quality. We have standardized raw material purchasing and production processes, and follow a joint marketing model. Our consortia has a professional manager who runs its operations and liaises with its customers.

We offer a variety of products, and in all sizes. To learn more, please visit our Dry Fruit & Nuts Range.

A number of organizations are involved in supporting our efforts.

They are introduced below:

The OTF Group

Global Network

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