Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives; Deputy Premier.
February 16 to 27, 2007 
 New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Baramati, Banglore, Chandigarh

 Rosann Wowchuk

Mission Partner


For Agribusiness Excellence, Go to Manitoba…

Located at the heart of North America, the Canadian province of Manitoba is the answer to all of your agribusiness needs. We offer investors in the agriculture and agrifood industries excellent opportunities to participate in our diverse and dynamic economy. Manitoba has the all the critical elements you need to successfully launch, develop or expand your agribusiness.

A group of Manitoba community and business leaders will soon be visiting your area to talk about how our province can help you successfully launch, develop or expand your agribusiness. Look for us in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Baramati, Chandigarh.

We’ve got what you need to succeed in agribusiness.

Mission to India Rosann Wowchuk Deputy Premier, Minister of Agriculture,

Food and Rural Initiatives

Manitoba are proud of where they live. Rich in history and steeped in culture, our slogan, “Friendly Manitoba” only touches on the hospitality and generosity you will find here. With extensive natural scenery providing endless days of exploration, combined with the thriving economy of the towns and cities, Manitoba is meeting today’s challenges in order to build a bright and sustainable future for our youth.

The Deputy Premier , Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives mission to India - 16 to 27 Feb. 2007 is accompanied by 7 Manitoba based agro companies. The company profile of each is given in this site. They represent following sectors:

1. Agro Associations
2. Agro University & college
3. Malt
4. Research/Commercialization
5. Nutraceuticals
6. Seeds
7. Wheat
8. Pulses
9. Genetics
10. Grain Storage & Handling
12. Agricultural Equipment

If you are interested in meeting any of these companies , on One-to-One basis in New Delhi , Mumbai, Pune , Baramati , Bangalore or Chandigarh  kindly email to :

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