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We conduct AUDIT in existing clusters. It is very important to know whether the speed & direction of cluster development implementation is right one or needs a correction. Audit is conducted in following areas :
In first 6 months of first intervention :
1. Audit of Diagnostic study
2. Audit of strategy and action plan
3. BDS mapping and BDS deployment plan
After One Year :
1. Impact of activities
2. Status of activisation of association
3. Status of involvement of cluster actors
4. Status of involvement of support institutions
5. Functioning of consortia
6. Involvement and impact of BDS
7. Cost of implementation
8. Listing of Qualitative achievements
9. Listing of Quantitative achievements
In the last year
1. Sustainability of associations
2. Sustainability of consortia
3. Long term action plan of the cluster
4. Revenue mechanism for activities / associations / consortia
5. Specific areas - Depends , cluster to cluster .............


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