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"A cluster is a geographically proximate group of companies and associated
institutions in a particular field, linked by commonalities and complementarities "
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Cluster Pulse , an ISO certified economic development agency is a professionally managed, self-sustaining, autonomous institution with excellence in implementation of Cluster Development initiatives as its main objective through the twin approach of market intervention & technology upgradation in SME's.It has worked in 82 clusters in partnership with GTZ, UNIDO, USAID, IFC, World Bank, The commonwealth secretariat, Govt. of Canada, Govt. of Brunei, Government of India - Ministry Of Textiles, Ministry of MSME, Ministry of IT & communications & State Govt. all over India & in 10 other countries including USA, Canada, Brazil, Sweden, UK, Croatia, South Africa, Oman, Brunei, Turkey & Afghanistan. We have worked in 80 industry vertical like Textiles, agro, engineering, pharma, consumer goods, ICT etc.

Cluster Pulse core activity is implementation of cluster development program by way of both backward linkage & forward linkage. During this time we have motivated the creation of 63 export Consortia in different clusters , all over India & in 10 other countries; generated savings of US$ 23 Million on joint purchase through bulk negotiations & import sourcing ; generated export orders worth US$ 410 million through business delegation visits abroad ; trained 14100 + companies on exports & CDP through 280 seminars ; trained several CDA's , recovered US$ 7.5 Million of bad debts through association action plan.. We have something to offer to everyone – I.E…OUR EXPERIENCE & COMMITMENT !

Cluster Pulse provides you a better perspective of your territory economic reality as well as:

  • A better understanding of the industry needs and a direct dialog means with the cluster firms. A new way to create awareness of existing support programs to firms and associations in the industry.Designing tailor made support for the industry, involving private sector in their financing and management.
  • Coordination within different Government departments & NGO's to support the industry.

The work of Cluster Pulse is defined by rigorous analytical and strategy formulation expertise combined with practical, hands-on implementation experience. –Intimate knowledge of India 's SMEs and their business challenges, combined with international best practices on SME development and cluster growth strategies. –Specific knowledge of the targeted sub-sectors, including international market demand and competitor data for these industries. 

Cluster Pulse's strategies take advantage of clusters efficiency, flow of information, economies of scale and innovation potential. Governments have different tools to work with clusters: from simple observation to change management.


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"We are proud of our 'achievement' but we are more proud of our association with
Cluster development program".... Team Cluster Pulse
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